About me

I present different visual stories that intersect in the streets and in their plurality create a certain connection; a new sense. These images can be regard, a hand, a detail or a full scene; a fixed temporality that captures movement. A piece of something that states a vaster space.

I believe that working with simple narratives of contrasted images, such as rich-poor, black-white or north-south, are deprived of any conceptual construct. It is about abusing simple photographic
oppositions. I want to build visual bridges that bring closer different people, places and words, in an attempt to unit and integrate through symbols, images and spaces. The essence of parks, markets, religious celebrations, city functions, and movements of people, all reflect a way of being that after all have too many similarities and points in common in many parts of the world. My images aim to reunite us with the common man, using a simple visual grammar that reveals the value of the everyday hidden life. Images that are the time of the people and the people in their time.

Photos are the expression of my intuition, perhaps of my desires, my own synthesis of the world
condensed in a moment. I hope these images arouse more suspicions than certainties in a way that
is possible to speculate with them to open paths of contrasting narratives.

I like to walk around the city and photograph what spontaneously appears, but not all, a piece of
landscape and the reality and the fiction that goes with it. The characters are always taken by
surprise and thus do not influence their own representation. Walk and learn about the narrative that
space contains, finding a storm of things, a ship wreck of ideas, a unique grammar of the city
. Walk
without a script to rewrite a monograph of the place with my steps, periods and images. Catch lights
and shadows of the twilight that escapes little by little through the camera.

Conceive an image in the span of a presence that transits. Focus on a smile, a necklace or a look.
Give room to the universe in an instant and guess the mystery of the light that becomes metric.