Black Jesus and Black Mary

Same Jesus and same Mary, just black. Same Christian religion.

Same Jesus and same Mary, just black. Same Christian religion.
According to the sect ‘The Legion of Maria” that operates in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Melchisedech, the highest God, announced that “Jesus will come back again after crucifixion”, but he will come back in Africa, and black, to save all of them.

The Church was created in 1963, when Mary that was in heaven came to Earth as an old woman. Her name was Jacinta Lucia. She was working for years in a small village in Africa, until one day that she revealed to a man called Ong’ombe Ramanus that she was Virgin Mary, the Fatima of African children. She performed numerous miracles, such as healing people, giving power to the dispossessed and gifts to those that were behaving well.

Virgin Mary came with his son Migori to the Province of South Nianza, where he was baptized as Simeo Melkio Lordvicous. The son of Mary died in 1966 and came back as a Messiah in 1991. According to the Legion of Mary, Simeo is Jesus.

Superimposed on the Christian religion, with same traditions and religious structure, the Legion of Mary is populated by archbishops, cardinals, priests and deacons. There is also an African Pope. A very modest and small church has a big outside place, “The Holy Ground of Moises”, where only the faithful of Mary are allowed to walk barefoot. Sundays the place is inhabited by big wooden crosses, flags, pastoral staff, crucifixes, and parishioners dressed in capricious colors with medallions that have the image of black Jesus and Mary. The church has appropriated the central place in the slum, vindicating color and race, performing weekly miracles and reaffirming local identity and a strange form of hope.