Empty houses and ghost towns.

Texts by: Eduardo Moreno ®

These pictures are a reconceptualization of time and space. A questioning of what happened in these vast empty quarters full of abandoned houses. A narrative of an unexpected place that seems to be inhabit by dolls, ghosts, cement, graffities and tall grass.  

In normal conditions streets have history that belongs to the neighborhood and the people passing by. In these images there is no neighborhood and no one walking there. No soul and no history. An absurdly generous sky, with streets that hide unspeakable secrets, and stairs that do not go up or down.  

The spectator is got by surprise by the notion of absence, non-possible encounter, and a story of events that never happened.  It is the center of a paradox. Only in Mexico, it is estimated there are 5 million empty houses, creating real ghost towns, as the one depicted in these images. Hawks’ (young people) are paid by the mafia to guard the place, where people are occasionally taken there to torture and murder.