Mexico – The 43 missing students

‘Waiting, without truth and without justice’

Text by Eduardo López Moreno

43 missing students 1

Iguala, Mexico. 43 students that dreamed to become rural teachers were organizing to protest for better schooling conditions in 2016. Inexplicably, they were abducted by the police, the army or the local drogue mafia, or by all of them, and disappeared since then. Agony for the parents and relatives, anger for the Mexican society and repeated claims for human rights activists and those that seek justice have remained unheard.

Were they torture and kill? A UN report believes so, as the Mexicans society. The govermment at that time did all what was possible to cover-up the investigation, creating clouds of uncertainty and misinformation, to the point that specialists believe it will be difficult, if not impossible, to discover now what happend that fatidic day.

A collective forced disappearance of 43 young students 18 to 22 years old is just unacceptable and shameful. Every year political demostrations are organized to remember and protest with a repeated claim “vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos” ( they were taken alive, we want them back alive).

These pictures were taken in Mexico City in a rally after 43-months of the students’ disappearance. 43 months of lies, 43 months of inventions, 43 months of lack and truth, 43 months whithout justice; reads one of the demostration signs.