Mexican wrestling

Texts by: Eduardo Moreno ®

The bell rings. Flying kicks, drama, fear and spectacles. The fight is a popular play where wrestlers and public are masked. They are covered accomplices, suffering a collective contagion, a personality change. 

A true cult and fascination of the mask inside and outside the ring. The face superimposed is intimidating and fun, threatening and humorous, but also a form of extra-power and hidden desire.  Inside the ring good and bad, life and death are faced to fight in equal conditions in an unpredictable outcome. Insults fly from side to side of the arena. Besides the wrestling, a class struggle happens between those seating at ‘the top’ and at ‘the bottom’ of the wrestling ring; the poor and the rich.  Zero inhibitions. Catharsis in all its form amid wrenches, contra-wrenches, bad words, barbarism and profanity.