Cities’ images

Leo la ciudad con sus imágenes fragmentadas; sus pergaminos borrosos. Retrato lo cercano, lo común y lo lejano. Las imágenes descubren el poder de lo cotidiano. Me detengo en el parque. Ahí, no avanzo ni retrocedo; me concentro en las diferencias y las similitudes. Tomo la fotografía de un conjunto, un detalle, una mirada y una mano. Una temporalidad cambiante.

A blind or semi-blind world

These young boys and girls are poor, some of them abandoned, other live in refugee camps, and not only that they are also blind. A triple jeopardy in an unjust world. With some exceptions, they lost their sight in the places where they live very possibly by a curable disease. A group of albino children with a very limited vision share a classroom with these completely blind children in Tika Village in the outskirts of Nairobi in a private school. They receive classes from teachers who are also blind or with poor vision.

El Escribano – The street public clerk

Words of disappointment, love, secrets and promises. Letters to relatives or correspondence to government departments. The street public clerk is a job on the verge of extinction. Don Luis, from a small town in Jalisco, is the last of the species in many parts of Mexico. Every day he walks with his donkey, crossing the town, carrying his Streamliner typewriter, a wooden table and a machete to the main square where he installs his business office.

After reading García Márquez’s book “Cartas del Bosque”, about a street public clerk, I found out that in the north of the State of Jalisco there was still one functioning. I traveled there, found and followed him on his way, while, with his hat on his head and his working and protection tools, he walks the streets of the town.


Bangkok 005

Bangkok, Thailand

Barcelona, Spain

Belem 008

Belem, Brazil

Brasilia 003

Brasilia, Brazil

Busan 008

Busan, Korea

Chapala 002

Chapala, México


Colombo, Sri Lianka


Daar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kampala 001

Kampala, Uganda

Kuala Lumpur 006

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Madrid 001

Madrid, España

CDMX 005

Mexico city, Mexico

Montreal 001

Montreal, Canada

Nairobi Slums005

Nairobi slums, Kenya


Nairobi somali neighborhood, Kenya

Naivasha 003

Naivasha , Kenya

New Delhi 002

New Delhi, India

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